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Enhancing Household Power with UNICORN-A Solar Battery Solution

UNICORN-A energy storage systems combine a hybrid inverter and 96V LiFePO4 battery, providing you with reliable power.

In this blog, we will explore the advantages of this solar battery solution.

3 System Coupling Modules

UNICORN-A Solar Systems support DC coupling, AC coupling and Hybrid coupling.

The DC coupling means that PV and battery are connected to the DC link BUS inside the inverter. UNICORN-A Systems provide high efficient power to loads. This coupling mode is suitable for new installation market.

The AC coupling means that on-grid PV inverter and energy storage inverter are connected to the AC side. UNICORN-A Systems provide storage function to on-grid inverter. This coupling mode is suitable for retrofit market.

The Hybrid coupling means that combine DC and AC coupling sytem together. UNICORN-A Systems provide storage function to on-grid inverter and increase PV capacity. This coupling mode is also suitable for retrofit market.

Enhanced PV Management

UNICORN-A Systems boast 200% PV over management, ensuring your solar panels operates optimally.

For example, you choose UNICORN-A Systems with a 5KW inverter. With this breakthrough technology, you can connect 10KW PV arraies. And it will supplies 5KW to loads, and 5KW for battery charging.

So that reducing reliance on grid power and saving electricity costs.

Robust Battery Protection

The UNICORN-A hybrid inverter incorporates a three-level firmware and two-level hardware battery protection mechanism. This prodects the battery from various potential threats, such as short circuits, overcharging, and over-discharging.

Unlike lead -acid batteries, the BMS will automatically shut down after the lithium battery is severely put. After PV or power grid recovered, the battery was unable to charge the battery because the BMS was turned off. Our battery awakening function can automatically awaken the battery through PV or grid, which greatly reduces the cost of on-site service.

By prioritizing the safety and longevity of the battery, UNICORN-A Systems offer a reliable and durable solar battery solution.

UNICORN-A solar battery solutions ensures a reliable and efficient power supply for households.

By embracing the benefits of solar energy, users can reduce their carbon footprint, save on electricity costs, and enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

Invest in UNICORN-A Systems today and embrace the future of sustainable energy.

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