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Gain Solar Energy with 5kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter

With its exceptional features and compact design, this 5kW off-grid pure sine wave inverter gives you powerful experience.

1. Connects with 6KW PV Panels

The 5kW off-grid solar inverter supports connect with 6KW PV panels. By harnessing the abundant solar energy available, this inverter ensures an uninterrupted and environmentally friendly power supply.

2. Compact and Lightweight Design

The 5kW off-grid solar inverter boasts compact dimensions of 490mm x 319mm x 145mm, weighing only 9.8kg. Its lightweight design makes it easy to install and maintain, providing convenience without compromising on functionality.

3. Flexibility and expandability

This advanced inverter supports connect with 48V battery, up to 80kWh battery capacity.

For larger projects, this inverter offers scalability by supporting the connection of up to 9 inverters in parallel. By increasing the power output, it accommodates the growing energy demands of commercial or industrial setups, providing flexibility and expandability.

4. Enhanced Battery Charging Modes

The 5kW off-grid solar inverter offers various battery charging modes, including two-stage and three-stage charging. Providing flexibility in controlling the charging process, this inverter supports efficient utilization of solar energy and prolonged battery life.

As the demand for solar energy grows, the 5kW off-grid solar inverter stands as a reliable and sustainable solution. With scalability, convenient monitoring, and enhanced battery charging modes, this pure sine wave inverter empowers both residential and commercial setups to harness solar energy efficiently.

Harness the power of solar energy with the 5kW off-grid solar inverter and join the renewable energy revolution today.

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