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General Manager Visits Laos to Advance New Showroom and Southeast Asia Office Establishment

From June 19 to 24, 2024, our company’s General Manager led a team on a six-day business trip to Laos to finalize the establishment of a new showroom and Southeast Asia office. As a leading renewable energy company specializing in photovoltaic energy storage systems, this trip marks a significant milestone in our expansion into the Southeast Asian market.

During the visit, the General Manager and his team carefully evaluated and selected the location for our new showroom in Laos. This showroom will serve as a platform to showcase our latest power inverter technologies and solutions, including power inverters, batteries, solar panels, and other solar and electrical equipment, further enhancing our brand influence and market share.

In addition, the General Manager and his team met with several local businesses in Laos to discuss potential future collaborations. These businesses showed great interest in our photovoltaic energy storage systems and expressed confidence in future cooperation. We believe that through close cooperation with local businesses, we can provide more efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions for Laos, contributing to the local economic development and optimization of the energy structure.

Laos, as an important country in Southeast Asia, possesses abundant solar resources and vast market potential. Our company aims to leverage this advantage, continuously drive technological innovation and market expansion, and contribute to the development of renewable energy in Laos and the entire Southeast Asian region.

We believe that with the joint efforts of all our employees, the establishment of the new showroom and Southeast Asia office will become a significant milestone in our company’s development, further consolidating our leading position in the international market.

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