SNJO Series 3 Phase Hybrid Solar Inverters, Offering 5kW to 12kW Power Options, Wide MPPT Voltage Input, Two-Way Conversion, Built-in Self-Adaptive BMS

SNJO series 3 phase hybrid solar inverters have 5kW 6kW 8kW 10kW 12kW power types. The solar power inverter supports 180V start voltage and 150-850V wide MPPT voltage input to ensure longer working hour. Designed for residential and commercial solar-plus-storage projects.

Hybrid inverters enable two-way conversion of electricity from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), as well as DC to AC. The hybrid inverters sport a max efficiency of 98% and a Euro efficiency of 97.3%.

And built-in self-adaption BMS, hybrid inverter supports various working modes.

Aluminum alloy die casting let it has better cooling efficiency. With compactness design, so it is easy to install and operate.


1. Powerful Hybrid Inverter:

The three-phase hybrid inverter is designed to efficiently convert solar energy into usable electricity, with a maximum of 2 MPPTs for optimal energy harvesting.

2. Versatile Compatibility:

This inverter supports a wide range of battery voltages (160-800V) to accommodate different energy storage systems, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced performance.

3. High Capacity Output:

With a rated AC output of 8kW and 10kW, this solar inverter provides ample power to meet the demands of residential and commercial applications, delivering reliable and stable electricity supply.

4. Reliable Performance:

The inverter’s IP65-certified waterproof design ensures durability and protection against harsh weather conditions, guaranteeing its long-term performance and reliability.

5. Safety and Usability:

The solar inverter features 15A input current per string and supports unbalanced three-phase AC output, ensuring optimal safety and enhanced usability for a wide range of applications.



What are the main applications of the SNJO series 3 phase hybrid solar inverters?

These hybrid inverters are designed for use in both residential and commercial solar-plus-storage projects.


 Is the hybrid inverter easy to install and operate?

Yes, the hybrid inverter features a compact design for easy installation and operation, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


 What is the significance of the built-in self-adaptive BMS in the hybrid inverters?
The built-in self-adaptive BMS enhances the inverter’s compatibility with various working modes, optimizing its performance and functionality.


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Manufacturing the most

nd manufacturing the most efficient and robust solar panels

Manufacturing the most

nd manufacturing the most efficient and robust solar panels