10KW Hybrid Solar Power System, 96V LiFePO4 Battery Included, 5KW Solar Inverter, WiFi, User APP (5KW Inverter+96V Battery)

【10kW Two Times PV Input】Upgrade your solar system, allowing for 5kW for the load/grid and 5kW for battery charging. Our inverter outperforms competitors with higher solar power output, while lowering costs and increasing income.
【96V System for Achieving 90% Efficiency】Upgrade your solar system to a 96V battery for a 2% increase in charging and discharging efficiency, increase your round trip efficiency from 80% to 90% compared to 48V battery. Resulting in significant energy savings with upgraded 96V battery system.
【10W Load Detection Accuracy for Energy Savings】 Maximize energy savings with our innovative solar battery system featuring a 10W load power detection accuracy. Our hybrid 96V battery storage inverter ensure efficient use of stored power. Upgrade now to reduce your electricity bills!
【8000 Cycles with 10 Years Guarantee】Our energy storage system utilizes A grade LFP battery cells, ensuring over 8000 cycles and a remaining capacity of 80% after 10 years. The BMS matches the battery’s cycle lifetime, while our hardware and firmware protections ensure system safety. The battery wake-up function saves costs by automatically waking up after a serious over-discharge.
【3 Steps to Install & Smart User APP】Our quick-plug connectors and 3-step installation process save time and costs. Monitor and diagnose your system through our user-friendly app or cloud. Online battery lifetime prediction and cloud BMS ensure optimal performance and safety. If you need installation assistance, please contact us!




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Manufacturing the most

nd manufacturing the most efficient and robust solar panels

Manufacturing the most

nd manufacturing the most efficient and robust solar panels