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SNJO’s Micro Inverters for Balcony Solar Systems

In today’s world, solar energy solutions are gaining popularity. SNJO, a China inverter manufacturer, unveiled a new series of micro inverters for small solar systems. In this blog, we will explore the key features of SNJO’s micro inverters.

96.5% Efficiency for PV Applications

The SNM600 and SNM800 microinverters are an excellent choice for rooftop PV applications. With max. efficiency of 96.5%, these microinverters support a rated PV module power input ranging from 320 W to 550 W. With MC4 DC connection cables and Plug-in AC connectors, the installation process becomes more easy and quick.

Meeting Germany’s 800W Standard

To ensure the quality and safety of PV installations within Germany, VDE proposed a new most power output of 800 W for balcony solar systems. In alignment with this need, SNJO provides 600 W and 800 W micro inverter. And both models feature max. input voltages of 60 V DC.

99.9% MPPT Efficiency

SNJO’s microinverters’ max. power point tracking (MPPT) efficiencies of over 99.9%. This ensures that the solar modules receive the max. amount of power available, enabling them to operate at peak efficiency. Thus, gaining more solar investment returns.

Compact Design with IP67 Protection

With dimensions of 230 mm x 190 mm x 46.5 mm, solar micro inverters have good performance. This allows for flexible and space-saving installation, ensuring convenience for residential applications. And, the IP67 protection rating ensures the durability of the micro inverters.

SNJO SNM600 and SNM800 micro inverters offer exceptional efficiency, performance, and safety features. Using these micro inverters, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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