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Unleash the Power of Sunshine with 2-in-1 Solar Micro Inverters

Are you ready to bring sunshine into your life? SNM series 2-in-1 solar micro inverters are here.

With their cutting-edge features, including support connect 2 PV panels, IP67 protection, 15A PV input current, stable WIFI communication, the solar micro inverters offer unrivaled performance and safety.

Module-level MPP trackers

Solar microinverters have ability to track the maximum power point (MPP) of each solar panel.

By constantly monitoring the output voltage and current, our micro inverters ensure that you get the most out of your solar panels.

And One underperforming module will not affect the operation and performance of the other modules or the system as a whole.

Safety First

For balcony solar systems, safety is paramount.

Solar microinverters connect in parallel, and with 60V per module low voltage. With IP67 protection, micro inverters ensures high-level dustproof and waterproof, giving you peace of mind even during adverse weather conditions.

WIFI Communication

With solar microinverters are able to monitor your solar system’s performance. The Wi-Fi antenna can be folded and rotated 360°, flexibly adapting to the scene and better receiving signals. You can conveniently check your system’s real-time data, through our user-friendly app, ensuring that your solar panels are always working efficiently.

Harnessing the power of the sun has never been more exciting with SNM series 2-in-1 solar micro inverters. Experience the convenience and efficiency of optimizing each panel’s performance with our microinverters’ MPPT capability.
So go ahead, embrace the sunshine and make your balcony solar system shine!

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